Strike Commitment Expectations / FAQ

SCHEDULE. Schedules will be determined and assigned upon arrival. Your start and end times must reflect the time arrived on the floor/ left the floor. Flexibility is paramount; staff are expected to accommodate shifts type, shift length and call back regardless of preference.

TIMELINESS. Staff promptness is expected. Arriving late for, missing or declining AM, PM or NOC shifts will void your guarantee, as will refusing extended shift times or failure to return to the facility for call-back shifts. Staff are expected to arrive on time for all departures at transportation sites.

TIME SHEETS. All paper time sheets must be completed in full, in clear print and signed by a client supervisor at the end of each shift. If electronic time recording is utilized, time must be accurately entered at the end of each shift for approval. Time worked should be recorded by staff from start of shift to end of shift, not time during transportation from the hotel. You must be very specific regarding your in/out time for meal breaks.

PAY.  You will receive a paycheck via direct deposit within two weeks of commencing travel to the strike.  Your first check will include pay for applicable online modules, induction, orientation, straight time and any applicable overtime. Reimbursement of approved travel expenses will be processed within two weeks following the end of the strike.

You may view your pay stub at You will receive an email with log-in directions for your personal account

For all questions regarding payroll please contact us at: or fax: 715-736-2071.

LODGING. All staff will share lodging, no exceptions. Per the requirements of this strike, no private or individual room assignments can be accommodated. All staff must be housed at the hotel locations provided. Companions or pets cannot be accommodated.

FLIGHTS. ActionStaff will not alter flight itineraries for staff once booked. Any changes to flight itineraries will be the responsibility and at the expense of the staff. Any changes must be immediately reported to ActionStaff to ensure ground transportation can accommodate your arrival time.

REIMBURSEMENTS. Upon approval of provided receipts, reimbursements will be processed upon completion of the strike including:

  • Baggage – You will be reimbursed the fee for one piece of luggage, up to a maximum of $35 each direction to and from the strike site. Actual costs may vary due to airline carrier. You will be compensated for actual realized cost and must include a detailed receipt issued from the airline carrier to be reimbursed. You will not be reimbursed for additional baggage or for overweight baggage penalties.
  • Mileage – ActionStaff will reimburse approved drivers for travel for one full round-trip from your residence to the hotel and subsequently the hotel to your residence at the current IRS rate up to a maximum of $1,000 round-trip. Print-outs from Google Maps or MapQuest must be provided.

DOCUMENTATION. It is required that you bring with you a complete credential file including the current government-issued photo ID you will use to complete the Form I9 Employment document on site. Failure to provide this information prior to or at induction will prevent you from working the strike.


  • Incidentals – ActionStaff encourages you to bring a personal credit card to cover incidentals at the hotel.
  • Dress – Due to the sensitive nature of strikes we require that scrubs be worn only to and from work and not in the hotel lobby or in public more than necessary.
  • Consumption of alcohol – You are not permitted to work under the influence. Be timely, prepared and ready to provide the best possible patient care at each shift.